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Thirty years ago a new vehicle emerged in a world predominantly filled with cars and pickups: the Toyota 4Runner. It filled a niche for those truck lovers who didn’t particularly like the look of vans or station wagons, or wanted something smaller than the Ford Broncos and Chevy Blazers of the day. Continue reading
The screams and laughter from the three seats around me reflected the same excited adrenaline rush that was coursing through my veins as I made a hard sliding turn just before the crest of a hundred-foot-tall sand dune, throwing up a huge spray of sand as the ATV is was piloting headed back down hill. Continue reading
Ford nixes V8 for EcoBoost V6; new styling and features refine this eight-passenger family SUV The new 2015 Ford Expedition is a full-size utility vehicle for consumers who want capability, class-leading maximum cargo space in the extended-length version and the… Continue reading

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